AccuFim Articulating Paper

-0615 AccuFilm Articulating PaperFor precise occlusal equilibration and restoration adjustments, nothing in the world beats AccuFilm

  • Super thin for greater precision
  • Won’t trigger mandibular reflexes that might skew the bite
  • Consistently produces sharp, easy to interpret marks
  • No false markings
  • It stretches, but doesn’t break. There’s no snap-back to distort the marks
  • Features the highest plastic deformation of all major brands tested

Double Sided Booklets:

  • #PS053 AccuFilm II Double Sided Booklets
  • 5 booklets (50 pre-cut sheets per booklet)

Single Sided:

  • #PS014 Black (Pre-cut) AccuFilm I
  • #PS015 Red AccuFilm I
  • #PS016 Green AccuFilm I

Double Sided:

  • #PS018 Black/Black AccuFilm II
  • #PS017 Red/Black AccuFilm II
  • #PS021 Red/Red AccuFilm II

AccuFilm IV Marking Liquid:

10mL bottle marking liquid, 20mL bottle of solvent

  • #PS020 AccuFilm IV Brush-On Marking Liquid


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