• -0616 Articulating PaperSoft, smooth, non-sticking
  • Super sensitive surface for marking at every point of articulation
  • Horseshoe-shaped articulating papers are especially useful for patients who tend to bite unilaterally during the occlusion test due to diminished resilience
  • High Resistance to tearing
  • Regular: Available 12 sheets/book, 12 books/box
  • Horseshoe: Available 12 sheets/book, 6 books/box
  • Regular: double-sided film, pre-cut strips
  • Horseshoe: double-sided film

Articulating Paper available in these types:

  • #KO4-00122 Red/Blue Regular (101.60 Microns)
  • #K04-00522 Blue Thick Regular (127 Microns)
  • #K04-00622 Red/Blue Regular (101.60 Microns)
  • #K04-00222 Blue Thin Horseshoe (101.60 Microns)
  • #K04-00322 Blue X-Thin Horseshoe (76.20 Microns)
  • #K04-00422 Blue XX- Thin Horseshoe (50.80 Microns)

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