Brewer Design DynaCore 9400 (Seat Only)

-0152 Brewer Design DynaCore 9400  The Science Behind DynaCore

The DynaCore has been brought to the dental market through a partnership between Brewer Design and CoreWerks, Inc. Dr. Horst Schaaf, a renowned Physicist and founder of CoreWerksm Inc. spent years researching the neuromuscular issues surrounding core strength and developed the Dynamic Therapeutic System used in today’s DynaCore.

In addition, his research also shows that the right movement of the deep inner layer core muscles increases the sensory feedback to the brain, which has a direct, positive effect on our ability to focus while increasing our productivity, and concentration levels.

All DynaCore 9400 Stools feature a saddle-style seat, 3-way adjustable backrest, and a powder coated, 24″ diameter aluminum base.

Dynamic, Core Strengthening Operator Series

  • Provides 360 degrees of seat movement that improves natural posture and balance
  • Increases back and core muscle strength through progressive resistance exercise
  • Seat movement can be easily adjusted to your own preference and comfort level
  • Available with arm support
  • 5-Year Warranty on all Brewer Products
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