Complete Delivery System- Advanced Package

Global Dental Advanced Package 1  Global Dental Advanced Package 2The Advanced Package of the Complete Delivery System features:

  • A luxurious and elegant appearance
  • Minimized shaking feeling on chair thanks to the separation of unit and chair
  • Supply of information through graphic LCD
  • Cozy and luxurious feeling with the adoption of urethane foaming upholstery in one body
  • Adoption of glass spitoon bowl
  • Swivel type assistant console for easy access to patients
  • Acoustic support of information
  • Adjustable light intensity

…And Many More!

Global Dental Advanced Package 3The Advanced Package includes:

  • USB Intra-Oral Camera
  • 19″ All-In-One PC
  • EMS Plezo Scaler
  • NSK EL-400 Brushless Micromotor System
  • 1:5 Attachment Increaser
  • Two Poweroptic Coupler
  • High Speed Power Optic Handpiece
  • LED Curing Light
  • 45″ HVS Tip Capable Valve
  • Assistant Side System Control
  • Glass Cuspidor
  • Cushion Style Upholstery
  • Doctor and Assistant Stools

Available in: Dark Blue, Light Violet, Mint Green, Blue Gray, Mango, Red Wine.

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