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The Lightest and Most Efficient Cordless Obturation System

Endopex is a compound word of endodontic and apex. The system offers premium quality and optimum functionality along with ergonomic and user-friendly de   sign. The cordless system is fully compatible with most commonly used “vertical condensation” and “back-fill” obturation techniques.

  • -0725 Endo@pex dxmWireless obturation device set with excellent grip
  • Perfect filling of GP
  • Super Lightest hand piece obturation heat plugger
  • Clinically proven to reduce stress of user’s hand
  • Easy operation, shot, size select, mode, turn ON/OFF
  • Guttaeasy marm up time 25-32 sec
  • Perfection in balance (30% Grip & 70% battery) evenly distributed weight from front to back for maximum comfortability
  • Swivel feature 360 degree (Patent) to freely rotate the pluggertip and hear chamber any time during the operation for maximum efficiency. To reduces muscle tension generated by arm-twisting while adding more precision to hard-to-reach areas

With its outstanding performance and super light-weight Endopex is considered to be one of the most powerful endodontic obturation systems in the market. After years of research and development, Endopex system has been clinically proven to reduce hand and writst fatigue while adding more precision to hard-to-reach areas.

-0732 Endo@pex Gutta Easy

  • #DZON-ENDOPEX Endo-Apex 2-in-1 Cordless System
  • #DZON -GUT-EZ GuttaEasy Thermoplastic Gun
  • #DZON-PEN Friendo Obturation Pen
  • #DZON-PEL Gutta Percha Pellets 100/Box
  • Gutta Percha Pellets- Available 100 pellets per Box in Regular or Soft

-0720 Endo@pex Warm Vertical Condensation Device Features


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