GoodDrs Dr’s Light Wireless Curing Light

 -0383 Dr's Light Wireless Curing Light LogoUp & Down: Control the Light Intensity

-0389 GoodDrs Dr's Light Wireless Curing LightUser can control light intensity and curing time

  • Dr’s Light is a curing light with the newest technology.
  • Suitable curing is possible for each patient with six kinds of program modes.
  • Dentists can do customized curing for patients using Dr’s Light

-0381 Good Dr's Light Wireless Curing Light DemoThe Dr’s Light features:

  • Various curing program modes
  • Ergonomic design (gun type & pen type)
  • Unique thermal control system
  • Color LCD screen
  • High power
  • Enhanced Capacity Battery
  • Multiple curing program modes: Turbo, High, Soft Start, Normal, Pulse, and Pulse Soft Start



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