Nouvag MD 20

Dual Motor System: Implantation made easy!

  • 5 NOUVAG MD 20best price/performance ratio
  • integrated peristaltic pump for cooling the rotating instruments- safety against tissue damage
  • three programs per motor can be individually set
  • connection for a thermal printer is available
  • two electronic motors (brushless) can be connected
  • automatic torque delimitation (AL/AS)
  • high power and powerful torque

The MD20

  • Keyboard panel for easy handling
  • High torque with a built-in torque controller and safety overload protection
  • Foot pedal controls the selected speed, forward/reverse and use of the pump
  • 10 pre-selectable torque levels: 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55 Nmm
  • Immediate stop-facility
  • Sterile internal and external irrigation
  • Speed control pre-programmable
  • All working process of implant surgery can be done using one single contra angle (reduction 32:1)
  • Alarm buzzer in reverse mode

Available in 3 Models:

  • #NOV-2227 MD 20 (without contra angle)
  • #NOV-2268 MD 20 (w/contra angle 32:1)
  • #NOV-2272 MD20 (w/contra angle 32:1 & 2nd E-motor)