NOV-1534 Nouvag TCM Endo V

-0199 Nouvag TCM Endo V Digital Swith built-in APEX Locator!

The TCM Endo V is a microprocessor controlled motor system for fast and easy root canal preparation with rotary instruments. Torque-control reverse rotation reduces instruments breakage. Built-in Apex Locator for exact determination of the distance. The lightweight, ergonomic handpiece is distinguished by low vibration operation. Wide speed range also allows working with high-speed instruments.

  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Apex adjustment (variable)
  • The endodontic treatment motor with integrated electronic measuring device
  • Preselectionable torque levels: 2/4/6/10/15/20/25/30/40/50 Nmm
  • Motor speed: 150-2000 rpm
  • Three different safety modes
  • Torque protection
  • Consuming treatment
  • Highest quality for a gentle and trouble-free using
  • Reserve mode to avoid file breakage
  • Usable for all established NiTi instruments ensures a fatigue-proof working


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