Bond Force PenIntroducing the Bond Force Pen

  • No More Waste, No More Stress: minimum volume, uniform drops
  • Level Indicator: remaining liquid visible through window
  • Speedy Opening/Closing: 90 degree turn allows you to open and close
  • Two-Click Pen Dispensing System: two-clicks deliver uniform drops with less waste

Tokuyama Bond Force

Single Compnent, Self-Etching, Light-Cured, Dental Adhesive

Tokuyama Bond Force is a seventh generation single component, self-etching, fluoride releasing, bonding agent. With the patented SR monomer, Tokuyama Bond Force creates a 3D link to the tooth, generating an extremely strong bond to enamel and dentin. Tokuyama Bond Force requires only one application and is designed to be used on both cut and uncut enamel and dentin.


  • Outstanding bond strengthBond Force Pen 2
  • Designed for cut/uncut enamel and dentin
  • Only one application required
  • No etching, No rinsing
  • No mixing
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Self-leveling technology
  • Thin film thickness
  • Extended working time (5 minutes)


Bonding of light or dual cured composite material to:

  • Cut or uncut enamel and dentin
  • Fractured porcelain/composite repair

Product Packages Available:

  • #TOK-14937- Pen Intro Kit

2mL Pen, 25 Applicators, Mixing Well

  • #TOK-14912- Kit

5mL Bottle, 50 Brushes, Mixing Well

  • #TOK-14951- Standard Kit

50 Unit Dose, 50 Brushes

  • #TOK-14932- Refill

5mL Bottle

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