Ultra DC Flowmeter

Designed for clinician preferring the dual control method of establishing N2O and O2 settings. The ultra DC combines conventional operation with optimal safety; its design complements operatory aesthetics.

  • Independent O2 &N2O controls-0332 Accutron Ultra DC Flowmeter
  • O2 flow & on/off switch combined
  • Oxygen fail-safe; oxygen flush
  • Oxygen resuscitation connector
  • Emergency air valve
  • Directional check valve
  • DISS inlet fittings
  • Neutral, off-white color

Available in these models:

  • #ACC-46100OS Ultra DC 4-Cylinder Portable System
  • #ACC-46000OS Ultra DC 2-Cylinder Portable System

Central Systems, Portables and Oral Surgery Packages available


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