Villa Sistemi Medicali Endograph DC Intraoral X-Ray

-0376 Villa Sistemi Medicali Endos DCEndograph DC opens a new era for intraoral units: a new era, characterized by peerless convenience, easiness of use and innovative design.

The Endograph DC has state of the art technology, thanks to its high frequency generator coupled with the mains-fluctuations compensating, timer, Endograph DC takes a step further in user friendliness. Its beautiful, shield shaped, control unit integrates a large area display showing the parameters efficiently organized in working areas and, for the first time, cleverly combining icons and with tooth names. This assures optimal visibility over the process, helping the user to focus on the operation while the system settings work on their own.

The wireless command of the Endograph DC allows the user to forget the fixed activation switch, providing a significant advantage during full mouth exams.

Thanks to its fixed and mobile configurations, the Endograph DC can be installed in any clinical environment. The standard availability of preset settings for films, Photostimulable Phosphor Plates (PSP) or Digital Detectors allows the use with any receptor from any manufacturer.

-0380 Villa Sistemi Medicali Endos DC ControllerEnjoy a masterpiece of genuine Italian design

There is no doubt that the Endograph DC has an eye catching design which combines curved and straight surfaces and achieves the characterization of your operatory. It is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, granting optimal quality and reliability. Its stylish exterior demonstrates the care put into even the smallest detail: the high gloss paint for the best cleaning, the rubber tubehead insertion support for optimized handling, and the arm entirely in aluminum for maximized stability.

Make the X-ray button wireless!

With the Endograph DC, there’s no need for cabling an activation switch somewhere in the operatory. The availabilty of wireless control makes it possible to operate the exposure without the incovenience of cabled buttons.

If you preferm, a remote timer can be mounted outside of the operatory as well, to combine settings and exposure outside of the patient area.

-0379 Villa Sistemi Medicali Endos DC ConsoleFeel the innovation of a breakthrough user interface

Bored with conventional intraoral unites, which rely on a small display and a few LEDs? Endograph DC stands out from the rest thanks to the full-size LCD display.

For the first time, the Endograph DC includes both icons and tooth extended descriptions to maximize visibility and communication with patients. The contrast and brightness levels can be adjusted as well as the positive/negative ratio and the language of the principle user interface.



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