Villa Sistemi Medicali Rotograph d

-0738 Villa Sistemi Medicali Rotographd The Rotograph D

Simple, immediate, versatile, reliable: an exceptional partner for your day-by-day activity

Simple: like having all commands in the palm of your hand

On the new Rotograph D the main functionalities are accessible through the ergonomic hand-held, where settings can be entered even during patient positioning, without the need to move away from the unit. The keyboard is efficiently integrated with a display showing the exposure parameters and the system’s status. The hand-held is easily accessible from the integrated docking station, where the remote control can be safely stored when not in use.

Immediate: Your time is important!

-0367 Villa Sistemi Medicali Rotograph D ControllerEverybody is impressed by how intuitive and immediate are operations on the new Rotograph D. The user can rapidly change the height of the patient support to easily accomodate any kind of person, including patients in wheelchairs. Patient alignment is quickly reached by using the dedicated laser references and patient’s stability is then granted by the combined presence of the temporal top headrest with the joint action of chin rest and bite block. The concurrent presence of these devices keeps the head stable during the rotation, dramatically limiting any risk of movement while the patient remains in a firm and secure position.

Versatile: It doesn’t need a computer to operate!

-0360 Villa Sistemi Medicali Rotograph d Compact Flash InputThe new Rotograph D can easily be connected to any computer or laptop thanks to the USB output. It’s as easy as a point and shoot camera! Additionally, thanks to the efficient XSDI (eXtended Storage for Dental images) technology, the operator can even be in the condition to acquire the images without a connected computer, simply using a Compact Flash memory card inserted on the slot mounted on board. This further improves the versatility of the X-ray machine, as it can properly operate even if there’s a computer malfunction.

-0365 Rotograph D Imaging Demo-0366 Villa Sistemi Medicali Rotograph D Imaging Demo 2


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