Villa Sistemi Medicalli Rotograph Evo 3D

General Info

Panoramic and 3D System

-0353 Rotograph Evo 3DVilla Sistemi Medicali is proud to introduce its new Rotograph Evo 3D dental imaging system with 3-in-1 functionality: Panoramic, Cephalometric, 3D. This new machine is based on the highly regarded mechanical platform of the Rotograph Evo, now adapted mechanically and electronically to operate with the latest “Cone Beam” technology allowing 3D reconstruction of the jaws.

The core of the Rotograph Evo 3D is the innovative Flat Panel Detector (FPD) using Amorphous Silicon technology associated with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator. Thanks to its peculiarity to work in either Panoramic or 3D modality, Pan images are acquired directly and not reconstructed from a volume and thus have the same layout usually visible on traditional Pan units. Thanks to the unit’s 3D Field of View of 8.5×8.5cm, the entire dental status of the patient is commonly visible at a glance without the need to trake different exposures.

The result is a complete diagnostic tool, featuring the most advanced technology, yet easy enough to be used as a normal dental panoramic system. In order to gve our users the maximum flexibity and safeguard the investment, the Rotograph Evo 3D can be integrated with a digital Cephalometric arm or upgraded at a later stage if required.

Simple to Operate

Despite its advanced technology, the Rotograph Evo 3D is extremely easy to operate. All commands and functions can be replicated on the virtual keyboard. A guided procedure will drive the user and find an appropriate system setting, starting from exam selection until setting of the exposure parameters.

Fast and accurate

-0355 Rotograph Evo 3D Imaging ScreenWe know that time is important for any user, from the smallest practice to the largest hospital. For this reason, the fully integrated Pan-3D detector is always ready to use, without the need to manually switch from Pan to 3D. The machine commutes automatically from 2D to 3D simply through the user interface.

As long as the Field of View allows the user to see the entire dentition, the user can save the time needed to position the patient to make a specific tooth visible. The X-ray time is only 8 seconds to reduce the radiation dose while making the entire procedure faster!

The Rotograph Evo 3D is available in 2 models:

Rotograph Evo 3D

Rotograph Evo 3D with Ceph


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