Villa Sistemi Medicalli Rotograph Evo D

 -0341 Rotograh Evo D Unit Evolution comes from experience

  • Diagnostic Accuracy
  • Flexible examination programs
  • Straightforward operation
  • Undisputed reliability
  • Investment protection

The Power of Digital

Rotograph Evo easily integrates into your practice under any aspect, from digital network connection, to room layout and, of course, your budget.

Environment and budget friendly

Say goodbye to films and polluting chemicals and contribute to the preservation of both the environment and your budget. Images can be displayed and shown to the patient in seconds and become an important tool to show treatment planning and progress.

-0340 Rotograph Evo D ConsoleLess dose to patient

The high sensitivity of the Cs-I digital detector makes for a reduced X-ray dose and in case of wrong exposure settings, the digital image allows to extract useful information without retakes. Rotograph Evo is already compliant to existing regulations on patient dose monitoring. The dose readout is calculated for each exposure and stored with the image without the need for add-on DAP measuring devices.
Instant network integration

The integrated Ethernet connection is compatible with existing computer networks and requires no dedicated boards to be installed in your computer.

Versatile upgrade path

Predisposed digital pan units can be upgraded to ceph with several upgrade options to help you plan your budget accordingly to your needs, protecting your investment over time.

Simple is beautiful
The integrated keyboard features large, easy to find push buttons and a clear display. Controls are grouped in logical areas consistent with the typical operating workflow: patient selection, exam protocol, exposure adjustments. A virtual version of the keyboard can also be displayed on the PC screen and allow the operator to preset exposure perameters from within the image acquisition program.

-0348 Rotograph Evo D Unit 3Even more tools

The Dental Studio software package (optional) brings additional possibilities to image treatment. The 16-bit image processing engine allows a more precise control of image contrast. Patient archive and image databases are extremely powerful and can be integrated with practice management software.

DICOM functionalities (optional) can also be added for integration into hospital networks.

The Rotograph Evo D is available in two models:

  • Rotograph Evo D
  • Rotograph Evo D with Ceph

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