GELATO Benzocaine Anesthetic Spray

Peppermint flavour works fast 15-20 seconds.

GoodDrs Dr’s Cam ZOOM

Easy install! Ready Plug & Play. No drivers necessary, simply plug and play!

“New” Pro-form Tie Dye Mouthguards

Pro-form has added some new Tie Dye designs to its extensive line of laminated mouthguards.

Syringe Sleeves

Fits most 3-way air/water syringes and have a pre-punched opening making application easy.

Flight Dental A12 Operator System

Dual 180 rotatable arms allows for convenient placement of cuspidor and tray units for doctor and assistant

Bien Air Prestige L

Small-size head specially designed for very delicate work. PRESTIGE can easily gain access to the most difficult places.

Tuttnauer Manual Autoclaves

Tuttnauer manual autoclaves set the standard for steam sterilization. Our basic manual autoclave will satisfy all of your sterilization needs.

DEFEND Prophy Paste

SmGelato Prophylaxis Pasteooth, pliable and reduced-splatter formula contains fluoride and a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents.

BM-600 Orange Solvent

This orange scent solution contains a lanolyn and is especially formulated for the removal of zinc oxyide- eugenol, rubber base and other impression materials from hands, mixing slabs and instruments.


Fast acting, long lasting! GELATO Plus topical anesthetic contains 18% Benzocaine and 2% Tetracaine.