Bien Air Dental Bora L Blackline

Carbon fibre handle LED light


Magnetostrictive power at an unbeatable value.

Brewer Design DynaCore 9400 (Seat Only)

The DynaCore has been brought to the dental market through a partnership between Brewer Design and CoreWerks, Inc.


The Lightest and Most Efficient Cordless Obturation System.

Defend “Breathe E-Z” Mask

"Breathe E-Z" Pleated Ear-Loop Mask.

DEFEND Micro Applicators

Defend Micro Applicators are ideal for the application of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions.

General Purpose Cleaner #1Ultrasonic Solution

Effectively cleans dried blood, tissue, pumice, food, rouge, Tripoli & buffing compounds!

Belmont 303-PHOT-xII

PHOT-xII DC Intraoral X-ray systems produce sharp radiographic images, while minimizing patient exposure to radiation.


Ergonomics, Technology, Flexibility, Simplicity

Shield Force Plus

Quick and long-term treatment of hypersensitive dentin