Tokuyama Estelite Flow Quick High Flow

Family of Esthetic and Fast-Curing Flowable Composite Resins.

Nouvag MD 20

Dual Motor System: Implantation made easy!

HiLo MasterSet

This makes the purchase of the most reliable, highest quality handpieces even more affordable.

Brewer Design DynaCore 9400 (Seat Only)

The DynaCore has been brought to the dental market through a partnership between Brewer Design and CoreWerks, Inc.

StarDental 430 K

4-Line fixed backend LubeFree, push button, high power.

DEFEND PLUS Prophy Paste

DEFEND PLUS Prophy Paste contains balanced ingredients for a smooth, pliable and splatter-free formula

CustomAir Liquid Ring Pumps

Quiet, compact, long life,


Fast acting, long lasting! GELATO Plus topical anesthetic contains 18% Benzocaine and 2% Tetracaine.

Shield Force Plus

Quick and long-term treatment of hypersensitive dentin

Bien Air Dental Bora

Triple-spray diffuser with three separate air-water ports for optimum bur cooling. Ceramic ball bearings for longer service life.