Bien Air Prestige L Blackline

Carbon fibre handle LED light.

Articulating Paper

Horseshoe-shaped articulating papers are especially useful for patients who tend to bite unilaterally during the occlusion test due to diminished resilience.


Fast acting, long lasting! GELATO Plus topical anesthetic contains 18% Benzocaine and 2% Tetracaine.

BM-600 Orange Solvent

This orange scent solution contains a lanolyn and is especially formulated for the removal of zinc oxyide- eugenol, rubber base and other impression materials from hands, mixing slabs and instruments.

Defend “Breathe E-Z” Mask

"Breathe E-Z" Pleated Ear-Loop Mask.

Bien Air Dental Bora L Blackline

Carbon fibre handle LED light

OSP13B Osprey Air Compressor

For any practice looking to increase productivity and decrease downtime servicing their compressor, RAMVAC is your number one choice.

DentalEZ The J/V-Generation

DentalEZ combined the thin, narrow back and independent seat tilt of the famous J-Chair with the flexibility of the split-back V-Chair


Ergonomics, Technology, Flexibility, Simplicity

GoodDrs Dr’s Cam 7 MOZ

Built-in touch mouse- Usable as intraoral camera and mouse!