31 Model Trimmer

The Professional" A 10" [25cm] diameter model trimmer powered by a full 1/3 HP ball bearing, capacitor start motor.

Nouvag MD 20

Dual Motor System: Implantation made easy!

Articulating Paper

Horseshoe-shaped articulating papers are especially useful for patients who tend to bite unilaterally during the occlusion test due to diminished resilience.

Belmont BelSensor Plus

CMOS sensors with built built in USB.

HC9021 MK-Dent Prime Line (w/ Light)

The Prime Line of MK-Dent does not only set a new quality standard, but its sound potential is unequaled. Even Low Speed Instruments cannot match this noise level.

DEFEND PLUS Prophy Paste

DEFEND PLUS Prophy Paste contains balanced ingredients for a smooth, pliable and splatter-free formula

NOV-1552 Nouvag TCM Endo 20 (w/ Contra Angle)

Convenient and compact unit specially for endodontic applications

Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts

Sturdy, comfortable and available in several styles for all of your scaling needs.

Brewer Design DynaCore 9400 (Seat Only)

The DynaCore has been brought to the dental market through a partnership between Brewer Design and CoreWerks, Inc.