PD626D-GC Digitest II Tooth Vitality Tester

The NEW Digitest II includes all of the classical features of the original Digitest and more.

Ultra DC Flowmeter

Designed for clinician preferring the dual control method of establishing N2O and O2 settings.

Multi-Purpose Alcohol

#BM-4000E Isopropyl Alcohol 70% 4L

Tuttnauer Manual Autoclaves

Tuttnauer manual autoclaves set the standard for steam sterilization. Our basic manual autoclave will satisfy all of your sterilization needs.

Disposable Prophy Cups & Brushes

A large selection of Prophy Cups and Brushes are available!

Dispensing Gun

T-0619 Dispensing Gunhe dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges.

Flight Dental A2 Operator System

Combine with the A2 patient chair

Evacuation System Cleaner Concentrate

This extremely low-foaming formulation is designed to clean evacuation systems thoroughly and economically.

DentalEZ – EverlightTM – Post Mounted

See all your procedures in a true light! Operatory lights made with 100% true LED technology, only DentalEZ.