Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Lubricant

This product is ideal for every day use to clean and treat water lines.

Complete Delivery System- Advanced Package

The Advanced Package of the Complete Delivery System features...

Sofreliner Tough M (Medium)

Sofreliner Tough is an addition-cured silicone chair-side soft lining material for dentures.

Tuttnauer Water Distillers

Tuttnauer offers a distiller that provides pure pater that is 99% free of total dissolved solids.

Omni-Care7 Medicated Lotion Soap

This gentle and no-drying soap formulated with Biostructure comtains 7 natural ingredients!

DentalEZ The J/V-Generation

DentalEZ combined the thin, narrow back and independent seat tilt of the famous J-Chair with the flexibility of the split-back V-Chair

CustomAir Liquid Ring Pumps

Quiet, compact, long life,

DEFEND Micro Applicators

Defend Micro Applicators are ideal for the application of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions.

Bien Air Dental Bora

Triple-spray diffuser with three separate air-water ports for optimum bur cooling. Ceramic ball bearings for longer service life.

Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts

Sturdy, comfortable and available in several styles for all of your scaling needs.