Autoclave Tape- Sterilization Indicator Tape

For use in autoclaves or chemical sterilizers, will seal autoclave bags, tubing, pouches and CSR wraps

Belmont AL902 – Ceiling Mount Light

#AL -902 Ceiling Mount Light (For operatories with 8-10 ft ceilings)

Tokuyama Bond Force Pen

No More Waste, No More Stress: minimum volume, uniform drops

WELTEX Hard Surface Disinfectant

One-step general disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer!

Belmont BelSensor Plus

CMOS sensors with built built in USB.

Economy Equipment Package

Includes Delivery and Installation in Greater Toronto Area!

Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablets

Easy-to-use tablets dissolve in a gallon of water in under a minute to create a powerful, effective cleaning solution.

NuSimplicity by DentalEZ

Delivery Units for economy and flexibility!

Dental Floss

Easy and comfortable to use, especially for patients with tight contacts