Dental Tech Cuts Costs, Increases Revenue

Hear It from a Doctor: Digital Cuts Costs and Increases Revenue

Dr. Joshua Barkhordar, DDS

It’s now been just over a year that the family practice I work for—Peninsula Specialty Dental Care in Belmont, California—purchased a SuniRay digital X-ray sensor for use in one of our operatories. With a year of digital radiography now under our belt, we can attest first-hand to how adopting digital imaging cut our material and labor costs and increased our practice’s revenues.
Below is a screen capture of an ROI calculator I filled out which shows my total savings over the past year.  With an average of around 50 X-rays captured per day, our practice saved $570 per month on material and labor costs alone, adding up to just over $5,000 in savings in one year.
And that’s not even taking into account the significant increase in patient case acceptance. Digital radiography’s diagnostic tools help patients gain a clearer understanding of their treatment plans, which makes them more likely to accept proposed treatment.
But you don’t have to take my word for it. Click the image below to use the ROI calculator for yourself and see how much your practice could be saving by switching to digital.

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