Digital Saves Time and Money

Dr. Joshua Barkhordar, DDS

A year ago the practice I work in, Peninsula Specialty Dental Care in Belmont, California, added a SuniRay digital X-ray sensor to our set of traditional film X-ray equipment. Working with both technologies side-by-side over the past year, the advantages of digital radiography have become starkly apparent.

“With the time you save from not needing to develop X-rays, you can see more patients.”

Let’s say I want to capture 4 bitewings. With film it takes about 10 minutes to capture and develop. With digital it takes at most 2 minutes to position, capture, and have the images ready for instant display. An 8 minute difference may not seem like much, but those minutes add up. The time I save using the SuniRay sensor is time I can put towards scanning a patient for Invisalign, or talking to a patient about their treatment plan.

Saving time has allowed me to see more patients. And when I have more time to spend with my patients going over their proposed treatments, they are more likely to return and refer.

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